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White Trash Circus

Don't Give A Damn

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All Members , Moderated
welcome to the machine
Welcome to White Trash Circus, livejournal's newest source for Motley Crue graphics. This community is open for all members to post in, so please feel free to share your graphics. Please make sure to read the rules before you post. Enjoy the community!

the rules
01. Please post ONLY Motley Crue graphics here.
02. All graphics are acceptable including icons, wallpapers, headers, and friends only banners.
03. Please do not use more than 3 icon teasers before the livejournal cut.
04. Please do not make previews of any other graphics larger than 450px wide.
05. You may do a fake cut to another journal post.
06. Please ONLY post Motley Crue teasers in the community if your post contains other subjects.
07. Please post any large graphics behind a livejournal cut.
08. Please post ONLY graphics in this community. Do not post unedited photos, news, questions or requests in the community.

misc. info
Mod; walkwiththedead

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